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About the Artist

I am an Ojibwe or Ahnishnaabe artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Having grown up in northern Manitoba, I gained an appreciation of nature and spent much of my free time drawing and experimenting with various media. In my early adulthood I began to explore painting, and eventually developed my own style of Woodlands artwork. I enjoy the freedom of the abstract style and creating images with sharply contrasting colors or smooth blends. I have also been inspired by Inuit soapstone sculpture and folklore.

Northern Canada inspires much of my work. As a child, my family often went on fishing excursions, woodcutting, and explorations of Canada's pristine wilderness. I self-studied animals in great detail by reading every book I could find at the local library as a child, and have a great love for birds.

I have sold artwork to locations across the globe and have participated in various art shows in Alberta and Manitoba. I prefers to sell my art individually so I can enjoy meet the people and hear about what they like about my art.

I live with my husband, Lyndon, and my black cat, Maho, in Edmonton, Alberta.

You can find some of my other paintings for sale on Etsy:

I also occasionally sell my artwork on eBay:

I also create YouTube videos. Find out what amuses me! My YouTube channel.

You may also follow my travel and art blog here (which I don't update very often):

Below are some of my sold works - do you see something you like? You can inquire via email and ask if I can make a new version. I enjoy creating commissions and work with my clients to make paintings that are even more special. donna(at)















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