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About the Artist

Donna is an Ojibwe artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Having grown up in northern Manitoba, she gained an appreciation of nature and spent much of her free time drawing and experimenting with various media. In her early adulthood, she began to explore painting, eventually developing her own style of Woodlands artwork. She enjoys the freedom of the style and creating images with sharply contrasting colors or smooth blends. Recently she has been inspired by Inuit soapstone sculpture and folklore.

Northern Canada inspires much of her work. As a child, her family often went on fishing excursions, woodcutting, and explorations of Canada's pristine wilderness. She self-studied animals in great detail by reading every book she could find at the local library as a child, and has a great love for birds.

She has sold artwork to locations across the globe and has participated in various art shows. She prefers to sell her art individually so she can enjoy meeting the people.

She lives with her husband, Lyndon, and her black cat, Maho, in Edmonton, Alberta.

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